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The Performance Group is 100% committed to your employment search success. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what some of our past employees have to say:

I must say that The Performance Group plays a very important part in our lives. I remember when I didn’t have a job or any money. I was losing my house, my wife and my children. The Performance Group helped me to find a job, which provided me with the ability to take care of my family. The Performance Group made it possible for me to be more independent as well as develop my skills to land a better job. It is very important to my family and I to have The Performance Group stay around for a long time to help people like me. May God bless this company and staff.
–Larry Floyd

I would like to let anyone searching for employment or any company searching for employees know what a great resource you have available to you. The Performance Group went above and beyond helping me secure a position with a reputable company. The people there are great and their job is to connect people who need employment with employers who need quality people. They take it very seriously. The position I now hold allows me to determine which avenues we use to hire new employees. After experiencing the process firsthand, I can tell you that I will, without a doubt, continue to use The Performance Group.
–Lisa E. Peters

When I first came into the office I felt very welcomed. The ladies in the Hanover office were very respectful and treated me well. They sent me to an interview at Hanover Gear and they wanted me to start right away. The assignment was to last for only 3 days, but I ended up going to full-time and getting hired on by the client.

The ladies at the Hanover office were very professional, the process was done quickly. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. On the day of my interview I was walking to Hanover Gear and was lost, Jean went above and beyond and gave me a ride to the company. She did not have to do that but she did. Also, when Hanover Gear hired me on, Corey and Zulma came to congratulate me personally and told me how proud they were of me. That made me feel so good and important. Once again — they did not have to go that extra mile but they did. To me, The Performance Group is a great company to work for.
–James Tanner

After contacting the so-called Big employment groups and calling every week for a month with no results, Stephen from The Performance Group called ME. He found my resume on Career Builder and told me about a job that would be a perfect fit for me. I have to say… he was right! I have never worked for such a big company and was unsure whether this would be a good fit…but I was SO wrong. My fellow employees, my supervisor, the working environment, and the pay rate are a perfect fit for me. While I am still waiting to be hired on permanently, and will be very disappointed if that doesn’t happen, I know that Stephen and the Performance Group will have something else for me if I need them.
–Dianne H.

For the past 20 plus years I have worked in industry as a Manager wearing many hats. My career path has taken me from the Mountains of Western Pennsylvania to the Susquehanna Valley, to the mid West and back to the Susquehanna Valley. Because of a business decision by my previous employer to close their Pennsylvania business site, I placed my resume out on the internet and through networking. This process provided many leads from recruiters, but none like the efforts of Shirell Chatman of the Performance Group. Shirell has raised the bar in professional recruiting. During my job hunt, she has not only provided me with interviews, but has also fine tuned my resume to make it more inviting for hiring managers in these economically challenging times. Shirell has kept me updated on a regular basis to developments with interviews and prospects. She has given a personal touch to recruiting that those other recruiters can only aspire to. Her integrity, experience and knowledge of the labor market, not to mention her professional attitude and personality, are a testimony to why The Performance Group stands out in their industry.
–John Kotrick

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