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6 Ways To Improve Workplace Safety Today

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Workplace safety is the responsibility of every member of an organization. By identifying any potential risks and then making safety a key priority, companies can ensure they’re creating the safest environment possible.

With a U.S. employee getting hurt every 7 seconds on the job, it’s critical that all employees are focused on safety. The National Safety Council found that sprains, strains, soreness, cuts and lacerations are the top reasons that employees lose work time.

These injuries are all preventable. It just takes time and attention on every employee’s part to ensure everyone stays safe while working.

Here are six ways to create a safe workplace:

Create A Safety Committee

If your company doesn’t already have a safety committee, suggest creating one. By bringing together employees from all areas and levels of the company, everyone’s views will be represented. It also helps address any issue as it arises and improves employee engagement.

Make Training A Part Of Every Day’s Work

Don’t make training an annual event that is easy to forget the rest of the year. Instead, show that safety is a priority for everyone by sharing safety tips at the start of each shift. Encourage all members of the team to share their experiences and what they learned from safety incidents so that they can be prevented in the future.

Make Everyone Responsible For Safety

Regardless of their position or department, make it clear that everyone plays a role in creating a safe work environment. Encourage all employees to identify safety issues and propose solutions. Remind employees that not only do they have a responsibility to keep themselves safe, they have a responsibility to their fellow employees as well.

Safety Is About More Than The Physical Plant

Look beyond trip and slip hazards when conducting safety assessments. Make sure you’re looking at other environmental issues like ergonomic risks when examining your workspace.

With overexertion causing 35% of workplace injuries, rethinking how workstations are set up and then redesigning them to reduce bending, reaching and twisting is a great way to reduce injuries. Also encourage employees to take short breaks to avoid overexertion, the National Safety Council recommends.

Make Training A Priority For Everyone

Training is critical for every employee – whether they’re full-time, part-time or temporary. While it may seem like training is just another delay when a new employee is needed right away, taking the time to train everyone before they start creates a safer, more efficient workforce.

Choose The Right Tools

When pushing toward a deadline, it’s easy to just grab whatever is nearest to finish the job. But doing this can introduce serious risk and cause injuries or even death.

Make sure you’re using the right tools and equipment. Taking an extra minute or two to find the right tool saves time in the long run, according to an article on If there are new tools that can reduce risks and improve safety, make sure to mention this to your manager. The cost of a new tool is insignificant when compared to an employee’s safety.

Make safety a key part of your day. Not only will it help ensure that everyone goes home safe, but it makes for a happier, more productive environment.

Learn How To Create A Safe Work Environment

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