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What Millennials Want To See In Your Staffing Process

Do You Know What Millennials

Want In Your Staffing Process?

If you’re a part of the 34% of the American workforce that is a Millennial, you’re now part of the largest demographic of workers.

This means you have a tremendous effect on the way that companies recruit and hire new employees and are driving key changes in the overall hiring process.

As the workforce changes and adapts to Millennial expectations, here are some trends in the staffing process to watch for:

Teamwork Is Key

More than any other generation, working as part of a team is important for Millennials.

“… [Millennials are] very team-oriented … they want to feel like they’re part of the team and [are] making an impact. They care about what people think of them, and they care about the team,” writes experienced HR recruiter and Millennial Sara Luther on

A successful staffing process should show you not just what your job responsibilities are, but also how your position contributes to the company’s overall goals and how your efforts combine with their teammates to reach those goals.

Company Culture Matters

More companies are focusing on how their culture attracts and retains employees. Millennials aren’t interested in just punching a clock. They want to connect with a company’s mission, their fellow teammates and an overall purpose.

To help convey a company’s “story,” Luther recommends that potential employees look at a company’s social media channels to better understand their culture as part of the staffing process. Showing images from teambuilding activities, charity work and company celebrations are great ways to help potential employees see themselves at the business.

Not every image needs to be a party, Luther writes. Be creative and create great content that employees want to share with their own network. This is a great way to communicate in a way that feels authentic for a group that grew up online.

Make Interviews Interactive

Gone are the days when a candidate just sat in a conference room for their interview. It’s important to get candidates out into the office. Work with your interviewer to take a trip around the office so you can meet a wide variety of people, Luther writes.

Soak up the office environment and start making connections with the other employees. This is a great way to build those relationships and start getting that deeper engagement that leads to happy, long-term working relationships.

“[Millennials] want to connect to the interviewer on some level,” Luther writes on “If they have a picture of the Red Sox at their desk, they can connect with them on a sports level. Or if they have a picture of twin boys, they can connect on a family level.”

As a Millennial, you’re part of a demographic that is making a significant change to the way companies recruit and hire new employees. Organizations are adapting to these new trends by embracing social media, prioritizing a company’s culture and promoting connections.

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