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Safety Committees And Why They Matter To Employees

Think Safety Committees Aren’t Important?

How They’re Empowering Employees And Preventing Accidents

Even something as simple as a sprained ankle can mean days out of work for employees hurt on the job. Workplace accidents can leave lasting damage for the injured worker and negatively impact workplace morale for everyone else.

Creating a safe workplace is much more effective when every employee is involved. Many companies are making safety a priority by bringing in employees from all levels and every department to form safety committees. These members meet regularly to discuss issues, receive additional training and are sometimes empowered to conduct safety audits and remedy safety issues. Serving on a safety committee is a great way to protect yourself and your fellow employees.

Here are four ways that safety committees can help empower employees and promote better workplace conditions for everyone:

They Give Everyone A Voice In Safety

Instead of making safety the sole responsibility of the safety manager, creating a safety committee means that everyone has ownership in creating a better environment. Safety committees that pull in employees at all levels and from all departments ensure that everyone’s experience counts.

Rather than safety being a top-down issue, each employee takes responsibility in creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment. They can send feedback about issues they see and are able to provide more insight in creating the safety policies and procedures that the business follows, according to an article from the USF Safety Program’s website.

They Help Identify Safety Issues Faster

With safety committee members spread out through a variety of departments, potential risks that may come up during the workday are quickly identified. Some companies will provide additional training to the committee members so that they can address many issues themselves without having to wait for the safety manager.

As safety advocates, committee members are empowered to call out potentially risky behavior and stop it before someone is hurt. This proactive approach greatly reduces the chances of additional injuries and ensures the company stays in compliance with state and federal regulations.

They Make Safety A Part Of The Culture

By creating a safety committee and bringing in members from across the company, organizations are sending a strong message that the safety of every employee matters to them. A safety committee can also take on projects and give updates to the company as they work to improve safety across the organization.

They Let Employees Create Lasting Solutions

Instead of going with a “one-size-fits-all” safety plan, members of the safety committee can use their own knowledge of the company to create customized safety solutions that fit with the way the employees work. They’re able to follow up with these plans and make sure that they’re effective. As workplace issues change, they can adapt the safety solutions to make sure they’re evolving with the business, according to an article from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Being asked to serve on a safety committee is a great way to make yourself heard. Sharing your experiences will help ensure your workplace is a safe place for everyone to work. Putting safety first not only ensures you won’t miss any time due to an accident, it also creates a happier and healthier environment for everyone.

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