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Boost Your Career With Temporary Work Placements

Make The Most Out of Your Temporary Work Assignments

Tips From The Staffing Experts

Whether you’ve just graduated with a brand new degree or you’re just getting back into the workforce, signing up with a staffing agency is a good way to try out a number of different work environments and build your skills.

Look at these jobs as a continuation of your education. You get to meet and learn from a number of people without the commitment of taking a full-time job. Every position can teach you something – even if it’s just that this field or position isn’t the right one for you.

To get the most out of your temporary work assignments, follow these four tips:

Use Your Time To Build New Skills

Not many people get paid to learn, but when you take on a temporary position that’s exactly what you can do. Whether it’s your first or fifth time in a job like this, there’s always something new to learn.

Instead of thinking of just punching the clock each day, instead, go out of your way to learn from your fellow employees. Each company does things a bit differently, so you can also build your knowledge by picking up a new process or learn how to operate a new piece of equipment.

Determine If The Company Is The Right Fit For You

Working as a temporary employee is a great way to test out a number of different companies. Maybe you’ve only worked for small businesses before. Now is a great time to see if a bigger company is a better fit. Larger companies tend to have more room for growth as well as locations around the country or even the globe.

Spend some time getting to know your fellow employees and supervisors. Learn more about the company and how it works. This is a great way to get past first impressions and see if you could be successful there. If you find out it’s not the right fit, it’s much easier to move on from a temporary position.

If you like the company, many organizations will use their temporary positions as a way to try out potential employees. Those employees they like can be hired on to a full-time position.

Try Out Different Industries

Making a career change isn’t an easy or fast task. Testing out a new industry before you make a major change is much easier when it’s a temporary position. Working in a new field allows you to see how your personality, experience and skill set fit in. You can better evaluate what you’ll need to work on and what type of opportunities this field will offer.

Advocate For Full-Time Work

If, after you’ve spent some time in the company, you find that you like the work and you’re a good fit with the organization, talk to your staffing agency contact about the possibility of going full-time. While they hate to lose good temporary workers, they are also invested in your success. Placing a worker in a full-time position is a win-win as both you and your new company are happy!

Temporary work can be a great step forward for your career. Follow these four tips to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from each temporary position and building the best career for yourself.

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