Employee Safety Training and Awareness

To Protect Your Workplace

When you bring a temporary or permanent employee on board, you are responsible for both the safety of that worker and that worker’s impact on the rest of your team’s safety. This is especially true for engineering and technical staffing, as well as light and skilled industrial staffing. That’s a lot of responsibility, so you need a staffing firm to steer you through the process.

Protecting Your Employees. Protecting Your Company. Protecting You.

Each employee that The Performance Group places receives employee safety training so he/she has a thorough awareness of what’s required to keep your workplace and your workers safe. That employee, along with the rest of your team, gains access to a wealth of protective benefits. By protecting all of your employees, both internal and external, we’re also helping to protect you.

The following health, safety and wellness benefits are put into action by our Certified Safety Committee and Risk Management team, which includes an RN on staff:

  • Safety training for all workers, both internal staff and temporary employees
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance assistance
  • Occupational hazard, ergonomic and environmental assessments
  • Workers’ compensation case management and case file review
  • Attend important workers compensation appointments as a case manager (field case management)
  • Programs to decrease overall workers comp cases, as well as increase productivity and efficiency levels of employees
  • Development of your own medical provider panel
  • Wellness fairs: blood pressure screenings, venipuncture, educational seminars on health topics of interest (aging workforce, repetitive injury, etc.)
  • Drug policy development
  • On-site safety assessment: review of injury records and work environment to improve overall employee safety, reduce injury risk and cut down on workers’ compensation costs
  • Training:
    • Bloodborne pathogens
    • Understanding and navigating your OSHA log requirements
    • Understanding workers’ compensation
    • Return to work program from workers’ comp

Additionally, as the first staffing agency to become PA state-certified, we can help your company establish your own state-certified safety committee. This helps your company reduce workers’ comp insurance.

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