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The Performance Group has built up its reputation on the integrity of our professional staffing experts, the efficiency of our process and methodologies and the quality of our staffing services. But another equally important factor in the success rate of our staffing solutions is the remarkable reservoir of potential candidates we maintain.

Striving For Precision So You Can Strive For Success.

The real strength of The Performance Group’s staffing experts is their ability to make such precise matches between clients and candidates. This dedication to accuracy ensures productive employment relationships, a positive workplace environment and long-term efficiency, flexibility and growth for your company.

The Performance Group’s divisions for specialized staffing solutions are equipped with professional staffing experts who have deep-rooted industry knowledge and firsthand experience with every aspect of the staffing process.

Our flexible staffing services enable our staffing strategists to make the best staffing decisions for your company, whether you’re small and local, mid-sized and growing, or a Fortune 500 company with global reach.

Going through our Proven Performance Process helps us find candidates that best meet your business needs. We are thorough in three critical areas that make the difference in a successful staffing partnership.

  • Understanding skill and cultural requirements
    • Unmatched attention to information gathering about what makes a client’s organization tick and what candidate attributes are an ideal match.
    • A comprehensive selection of leading-edge skill, personality and integrity assessments.
    • Orientation video created by The Performance Group about client facility or on-site tour, to help candidate envision the job experience.
  • Finding the perfect fit with time-sensitive efficiency
    • Over 10,000 qualified candidates are interviewed each year, then pared to a candidate pool of the best for each client company’s specific staffing needs.
    • Keen understanding of your business and open communications so we anticipate and proactively prepare for future needs.
    • Dedication to keeping client informed of progress throughout the candidate search and placement process.
  • Standing behind the quality of our candidates
    • Each Performance candidate has successfully completed each step of the candidate screening and onboarding process, as defined with our clients during the Performance Proven Process.
    • Active feedback from clients to ensure that each candidate we place fully meets their specifications, demonstrates the potential to be the right long-term fit for the position, and lives up to our high quality standards.

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