Quick-Start Staffing Services

Get The Right Workers, Right Away

You’re in a staffing jam and you don’t have the backup resources to take care of it. What’s even worse is the time crunch and you don’t think there’s time to make arrangements with a staffing agency.

With TPG’s Quick-Start Staffing™, our professional staffing consultants know how to get you the staffing solutions you need, when you need them — and if that means for tomorrow, we’ll make it happen!

We will still go through our comprehensive 7-Step Proven Performance Process for onboarding but we can take steps immediately to address your priority needs first.

How does Quick-Start Staffing work?

  • Jumpstart the conversation.
    We’ll get essential details covered and red-button questions answered right away, taking care of the basic issues and processes.
  • Fill positions now.
    We’ll fill your positions, but keep in mind that these candidates are not considered Performance-qualified until we have completed our 7-Step Proven Performance Process with you.

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