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Relieve your Recruiting Burdens

With The Performance Group, you can think differently about outsourcing. We are not an unfamiliar 3rd party – we partner with you as an extension of your HR team.

Our professional staffing consultants and workforce management experts personally get to know your team, your company’s culture, your workplace environment and, most importantly, your specific staffing needs and preferences.

Through our Proven Performance Process, we guide you from qualification discovery to orientation strategy, making sure you’re confident with the progress every step of the way.

Take the administrative burdens and back-end operations out of the hiring process. Devote your time, skills and resources to what you do best: running your business and cultivating its growth. The Performance Group helps you fuel that growth with staffing solutions and performance you can rely on.

The Performance Group can develop programs to assist your HR Department with service offerings in the following areas:

  • Process management: Companies who choose to retain the direct employer role can achieve valuable timesavings by off-loading parts of their hiring processes.
    • Recruitment/RPO: including advertising, job fair hosting, and applicant tracking
    • Onboarding: including orientation, background and drug screening, and extensive skill testing
  • Payroll management: including invoicing, paychecks and options for invoice reconciliation and rapid-response paycheck corrections.
    • Outsourcing payroll operations allows you to work with job candidates that you’ve brought in on a contingency basis — either as a trial/evaluation prospect or as a temporary employee.
    • You have the option to use our electronic timekeeping and approval system, implemented at your facility, or we can work with your existing timekeeping methods and integrate them into our payroll processes.
    • We’ll also work through any special invoicing considerations you may have to delineate cost centers, projects, job classes, etc.
  • Project management: including an on-site workforce management option, strategic support for unique hiring situations and customized administration for specific operational challenges.
  • Consultative services, training and educational events: including employee safety training, wellness fairs and policy/handbook development; employment seminars and staffing events; compliance assistance and benefits administration.
  • Spanish Translation: The Performance Group employs more than 20 employees who are bilingual in Spanish and English, so we can perform both written and verbal translations to aid in communication, productivity and safety.

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