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How To Find The Best U.S.-Based Technology Talent

Find The Best Tech Talent

Requires A Good IT Staffing Frim

Few industries have been more disrupted than IT. During the last 15 years, many companies moved their in-house IT positions to offshore locations, including India and the Philippines.

While that move initially delivered significant cost savings, many companies are bringing their IT operations back into the U.S.

Several factors are driving this move, including issues with software and testing quality, teams working in vastly different time zones, language and communication problems as well as security and intellectual property risks, according to an article on

By bringing IT jobs back to the U.S., many companies are hoping to improve the quality of services and better contain costs, according to the article. The right staffing agency can provide the technical staffing solutions to help companies build a strong IT team.

To find the best IT talent, consider the following tips:

Build A Local Network

Don’t wait until a position opens up to think about networking. Build relationships with local colleges and universities through an internship program. Bringing in interns is a great way to see how they fit in your organization and will make hiring easier when a position opens.

Actively build a network on social media sites like LinkedIn. Even if no one in your network is looking for a new position, they can make a referral or post it to their own network. Also, look for any IT networking groups that meet in the area. Attending a meeting is a great way to informally meet potential employees.

If your organization is completely rebuilding or doesn’t have the time or resources for the search, partner with an experienced agency that provides technical staffing solutions.

Be Prepared To Move Quickly

Demand for skilled IT workers is high, with mobile development and e-commerce the main drivers, according to an article on

With the best prospects typically hired in 10 days or less, according to the article, employers need to be able to screen candidates quickly before they lose them to another opportunity.

Make the job search a priority and let all the decision-makers know that they need to be actively engaged in the search. Be clear on the hiring process, and have any tests set up so that the process isn’t delayed. The right technical staffing agency can expedite this process, using a clearly defined vetting procedure.

Create Career Development Opportunities For Candidates

With IT jobs in such demand, employers can make their jobs more attractive by adding additional career development opportunities to their offer. In addition to salary, consider adding a training budget so they can continue to build new skills. This shows that the organization is invested in the employee’s success, and the company also benefits from the new skills they’ll learn.

Consider Using Remote U.S.-Based Resources

Consider widening your search and looking at nearby cities where more IT talent is located. Working remotely is a common practice in the IT field. It gives companies access to talented IT professionals while still keeping the resources in the U.S.

Working with an experienced technical staffing agency can help build a strong team of IT professionals. With a deep network of candidates and a clear vetting process, companies can find the best IT talent quickly and efficiently.

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