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Recruiting Millennials Starts With The Right Process

Improve Your Millennial Recruiting

With The Right Process

Each generation leaves its own mark on the workforce and Millennials are no different.

The Pew Research Center found that Millennials, born in the 1980s and 1990s, passed Generation X workers to become the largest percentage of U.S. workers in early 2015, making up 34% of the workforce. LinkedIn research predicts that they’ll make up 50% of the workforce by 2020.

Researchers expect this number to continue to grow, due to more Millennials entering the workforce after college and with the continued influx of immigrants.

With Millennials becoming such a dominant part of the workforce, companies need to adjust their recruiting to best connect with this demographic.

Here are the best strategies to use when creating a recruitment process for Millennials:

They’re Very Open To New Opportunities

Just because Millennials have a job doesn’t mean they aren’t open to new opportunities. Most Millennials are highly mobile and actively engaged in building their careers.

LinkedIn research found that 84% of Millennials are interested in talking to a recruiter, while 48% have recently updated their resume. Nearly half have researched job openings recently and updated their LinkedIn profile.

Reach Out To Them Online

Also called digital natives, Millennials primarily do their job networking online. LinkedIn found that 72% of Millennials look at online job boards, while 62% go to social professional networks. More than 50% look at company websites for openings.

Take advantage of these channels when posting jobs and focus Millennial recruiting efforts there.

Communication Is Key – Through Any Channel

When creating a recruitment process for Millennials, use all the communication channels available. While it may seem strange to reach out via text message, this is OK with a third of Millennials surveyed by LinkedIn. More than 90% are open to recruiting messages by email, with nearly 80% preferring messages on LinkedIn. More than 50% like to communicate via phone call.

Keep The Conversation Going

Make sure to establish open communication with Millennials. More than 60% said that getting all their questions answered during an interview was a key to a positive recruiting process. More than 50% said that post-interview follow-up was important to them.

A short email or text is a good way to keep communication open and see if they have any additional questions. Sharing more information about the company, its mission or programs is also a good way to keep candidates interested and engaged.

Show You’re Committed To Their Professional Development

LinkedIn research identified three key factors that motivated Millennials to accept a job: the compensation, a professional development plan and opportunities for advancement within the company.

When making a job offer, include ways that the company can help Millennials develop additional skills. Consider mentor programs, training budgets and on-site workshops designed to build their skills.

Also show them what their career path would look like within the organization. What positions are they in line for? What skills and experiences are needed for them to advance? What does the timeline look like?

By creating these career development plans, this shows your Millennial employees that you’re invested in their success and see them as individuals, not just another employee.

Adapting your recruitment process to attract and engage with Millennials is the key to building a strong team. By focusing on communication, taking advantage of all online channels and showing an interest in their career development, companies can ensure they’re getting the attention of the biggest segment of the workforce.

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