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Creating Multi-Generational Teams: How To Hire For The Best Results

Do You Know How To Hire

The Best Multi-Generational Teams?

With teams made up of people from four different generations, it’s easy to see how this presents a management challenge for today’s companies.

But while leading employees from the silent generation, baby boomers, Gen X, and Millennials may seem chaotic, it can actually be a benefit for organizations.

“Smart employers realize that one of the keys to growing and succeeding in an increasingly competitive global marketplace is recruiting and managing talent drawn from workers of all ages,” according to a study from the Boston College Center for Work & Families cited on “Leading—and successfully managing—an intergenerational workforce is becoming a business imperative that few organizations can ignore.”

Having such a diverse team means that they are more likely to bring a wide range of experiences, education and viewpoints to any business project, according to the article. This means teams are more likely to come up with a creative plan to accomplish their objectives.

To get the most from your multi-generational teams, keep these tips in mind:

Make It About The Skills

The most objective way to create a multi-generational team is to focus on the skills and qualifications you need for the position. Avoid any preconceived notions that tech jobs are for younger workers or management positions are for older workers.

By giving interviews to anyone who meets your list of requirements, you’ll make the best match for your team, according to the article.

Don’t Assume Older Workers Are More Expensive

While it’s easy to think that the older the worker, the higher their salary requirements, that isn’t always the case. Organizations should set the salary for each position and then let your candidate decide if that salary works for them, according to the article.

Working with an agency that provides professional staffing services can help vet potential candidates and ensure they’re clear on job responsibilities and the salary range to avoid any confusion or wasted time.

Aim For A Mix Of Ages

Just like you’d want a diverse set of skills represented on each team, think about ages as well. Having employees from all four generations offers the broadest range of experiences, education, ideas and work styles. This diversity helps the group develop a wider range of ideas than the solutions created by more homogenous teams.

Manage Beyond The Stereotypes

While it can be easy to fall back on stereotypes of the smartphone-obsessed Millennial or the cynical Gen Xer, managers will get more out of their teams by getting to know each person individually.

“Don’t assume people need special treatment and ‘don’t dwell on differences with a group discussion that devolves into: ‘People my age feel like this.’ Or ‘All boomers act a certain way.’ There’s a lot of variation,” writes Rebecca Knight on Harvard Business Review.

By looking at what each person is bringing to the team regardless of age, you’re more likely to create a dynamic and successful group that is focused on outcomes, not stereotypes.

Make a multi-generational team approach work for your organization. Focus on the strengths these differences bring. By hiring with an eye to skills and not stereotypes, you’ll see the results your company needs. Finding the right partner to provide professional staffing services can help guide you through the process.

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